Sue Wille, CPA

Accountant. Tax Coach. Ag Specialist.

If you are at all familiar with the Central Wisconsin Accounting scene, you’ve probably heard the name Sue Wille, CPA. As one of the few true-blue Agricultural Accounting Specialists in the area, we are thrilled to have her on the team.

Sue has decades of experience in Ag Accounting and she’s also expert in tax coaching for Individuals and Businesses. There isn’t a lot that she hasn’t seen and that deep experience makes her a valuable collaborator for our Evexia Accounting team and clients. Sue’s dual position at Evexia Accounting puts her in the best position to share that experience as she meets with clients and spends significant time mentoring team members.

Sue’s favorite part of her job is connecting with clients to produce the best tax results. If you get the opportunity to meet with her, you’ll know you’re meeting with a master – of both conversation and tax strategy.

When she’s not working, Sue enjoys gardening, doing jig-saw puzzles, and reading. She lives in Central Wisconsin with her family.

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