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Evexia Accounting purchased Wysocki Tax & Accounting from Dave Wysocki of Wysocki Tax & Accounting in November 2022. We are thrilled that Dave has decided to stay on as part of the Evexia Accounting team.


We are an all-around player when it comes to Accounting services. We do individual tax planning, business tax coaching, business bookkeeping and tax support, and everything you need for your tax returns.

What is different about EVEXIA ACCOUNTING?

We are an EXPERIENCE company. That means that we aren’t just focused on getting the job done (we are!) but we are also paying attention to how you experience your time with Evexia Accounting. Not a lot of accounting firms are like that. Many are churn and burn organizations. Not us. We’re all about providing a good experience.

Another thing that makes us different is that Evexia Accounting is a team-based company. This means that you won’t just have only one person who understands your financial situation and accounting needs. You’ll have access to a team of people that are able to help you.

What If I don’t live near one of your offices?

Not a problem! We have many clients and team members who live nationwide that we work with remotely. We’re 100% set up to work with you at full capacity, no matter where you are.

Do you offer virtual meetings and electronic delivery of documents?

We do! Sometimes it’s just easier to take care of business from home. If you are interested in connecting with one of our team members from the comfort of home, we can meet with you in a virtual meeting. Similarly, we can exchange information securely so that we have access to the documents needed to complete your request and you can receive the completed forms and documents electronically. We like to make things easy!

How can I get expert advice on tax strategies?

Set up a meeting with our Evexia Accounting team. We are ready to listen, look at your information, and hear about the outcomes you are looking for. We’ll put together a tax strategy that works for you – and then we’ll help you execute it when tax time comes.