Steph Wille

Tax Preparer & Bookkeeper

Say hello to Steph Wille, Tax Preparer & Bookkeeper, here at Evexia Accounting! With a wealth of experience, Steph joins us as our go-to pro for bookkeeping and tax preparation.

Imagine your business books and tax prep running as smooth as your favorite tune – that’s Steph’s specialty. Making life easier for Business Owners is core to her day to day work. And guess what? She’s not just about crunching numbers; she’s all about building real relationships with clients, making financial jargon feel like a friendly chat. Knowing clients and being more than just a “person at an email address” is important to her.

Steph’s favorite part of the job is the sense of accomplishment she gets while tackling a challenge. She enjoys researching to find answers so that clients can understand and feel confident in their partnership with Evexia Accounting.

Outside of work, Steph enjoys spending time with her kids, especially taking trips to different places. She loves to spend time being active in the great outdoors. Steph and her family live in Central Wisconsin.

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