Beth Headshot

Beth Behnke-Seper

Chief Innovation Manager

If every organization had a Beth they would be 100% more successful. Imagine if you had someone who helped you work through all of your Big Ideas, sorted them, took notes on them, researched them, and then found ways to help you implement them. That’s what Beth has been doing for Ben since he paid her to organize his room when they were kids. Now she works in a more official capacity for our whole team helping make the magic happen. 

She’s behind the scenes, capturing and translating Ben’s big vision for Evexia Accounting, getting it down on paper. Ben believes that a vision is only as powerful as its ability to be communicated.  This makes Beth’s role incredibly important and valuable. Beth’s happy place is collaborating over a cup of coffee to find the thing behind the thing that gets to the heart of the matter. She’s patient beyond measure, and a believer that big outcomes often come from little beginnings.  

There’s no timeline she can’t tame and no flowchart too deep for Beth, but she doesn’t rely only on data to help us create plans. Her natural intuition is to get inside the spirit of the vision and translate it to how it will connect to the well-being of the people we serve.  Beth and her family live in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

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