Ben Laws Headshot

Ben Laws

Co-Founder, CEO

Ben sees hidden potential in people and activates their inner hype. As Co-Founder and CEO, Ben’s mission at Evexia Accounting is to provide the tools, team, and vision to help clients make impactful tax decisions that help them live the life they really want to live.

Ben’s vision is the driving force behind the ways that make Evexia Accounting different: game-changing conversations and exceptional experience. Building an Accounting firm that is a “no burn out” company for the team that works at Evexia Accounting. In business and in his personal life, Ben lives his life with the conviction and passion of a person who feels that his calling is to give people permission to live the best life they can.  

You’ll feel Ben’s energy the minute you meet him because it something you cannot miss, like a catchy 80’s pop tune that you can’t stop humming. His energy and enthusiasm for life is infectious. He’s always looking for ways to breakthrough to the next big idea or experience. He is responsible for a lot of “Ah ha!” moments for our team.  
Ben is also the CEO at Evexia Wealth, a wealth coaching and investment management company. In that role, he casts the vision for Evexia Wealth and works as a Wealth Coach with clients. Beyond the spreadsheets and line items, what you can expect from Ben is attentive listening.   Big-Dream-What-If-Conversations. An honest exploration of what you want freedom from and what you want freedom for. Knowing what you own and why you own it. What needs to be true for you one year from today? Five years?  

Ben finds patterns and meaning in the complex. Ben can naturally see a way when others cannot and changes obstacles that might bog other people down into scenery along the way. He’s the guy who sees clearly that the whole is greater than the parts, and he considers every piece of a client’s goals and dreams to be vitally important. Ben is a Rockstar making sure that Evexia Accounting clients and the team are winning.

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